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SynGenics Corporation provides on-time help for the on-time world through the power of advanced mathematics. Dedicated to improving products and operations throughout industry and government, SynGenics has helped hundreds of clients to identify and pursue the best solutions in product creation, improvement, production, distribution, and technology.

SynGenics does this by applying a quantitative, metrics-based approach that takes into account performance, producibility, cost, schedule, reliability, and other life-cycle issues involved in creating a product, improving a process, or helping your business grow and thrive.

SynGenics experts are rigorous in uniting business understanding and mathematics. SynGenics applies advanced mathematics and venerable, proven methods to help you determine the way your own operations are working and what you can do to make them better.

  • Founded 1988
  • Woman owned
  • Government - Air Force, Navy, Army, NASA
  • Private Sector
    • 11 of Fortune 50
    • 300+ Companies
  • Professional Staff - engineering, statistics, math, physics, human factors
  • Based in Delaware OH
  • Work Experience in US, UK, Europe, Mexico, South America, Japan, Australia
  • Manufacturing Process Design and Optimization, Including Tool Development
  • New Production Development through Full Rate Production
  • Design Reviews and Production Readiness Reviews
  • Operation Analysis and Performance Improvement
    • Quality, Cost, Schedule, Compliance, and
    • Risk Reduction
SynGenics has worked in many different areas of industry and SynGenics employees represent a very broad range of skills. To visit the experience page click here.

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SynGenics Corporation is poised to help you and your company exceed your expectations.

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