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The strength of SynGenics knowledge falls into the following categories:


Plan, execute, and analyze a two-level statistically designed experiment such as presented by Air Force contractors;


SynGenics employees have contributed to many important publications, click the previous link to view the page that contains the papers which can be downloaded;

System Design

SynGenics builds on a number of well-known structured approaches to identify optimum solutions to complex issues. The SynGenics process helps assure that requirements are understood and the best forward-looking decisions are made from design to finished product or technology.

Design of Experiments

The Design of Experiments process is fundamental to the approach of SynGenics.

Summary Information

Statistical Design of Experiments is a powerful body of statistically based techniques.

The key methodology that makes all the disciplines work together to yield the best overall formulation is called Desirability.

SynGenics employees have worked on papers with members of the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force base.

SynGenics has created power points displays that are used in teaching courses in Design of Experiments and in summary of unmanned aerial refueling.